Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who Loves Wall Pockets?

I love whimsical things. Whimsical, pretty things with no real useful purpose are particularly appealing to me. That's probably why I think wall pockets, or wall vases, are really neat.

I guess you have to give credit to the first person who looked at an unadorned wall and thought "hmm...this wall would be way more useful if it had a bird-shaped pocket on it," thus giving birth to something that looks like the picture above.

Perhaps I don't give wall pockets enough credit, though. Technically, being a pocket, they are marginally useful. You could put things in them, like flowers. I'd probably put spoons in one, although my spooner would get a little envious.

They really aren't meant to be utililtarian, of course, and that lass pictured above would look pretty funny with spoons sticking out of her head. A fine, well-placed wall pocket will just ad a nice vintage touch to the retro kitchen. A few dozen wall pockets on the kitchen well...well, that actually seems to be the norm in wall-pocket collecting. Apparently you can't have just one. I haven't descended into that madness quite yet. But I'll admit, I haven't met a wall pocket that I didn't like.

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