Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where Have All the Snack Sets Gone?

Is there anything more elegant than serving coffee and dessert to your guests on a lovely snack set?

Snack sets appear to be one of those "must-haves" that disappeared into obscurity over time. I suspect very few brides would put a snack set on their wedding gift registries these days, and that's a shame. Snack sets are absolutely lovely.

I have been very fortunate to find some great snack sets for sale at Goodwill. I guess no one knows what to do with them anymore. However, I do have the story of "the one that got away."

I saw it at an antique store, complete in its original box: a pink and black snack set. It was beautiful, and pink and black are my favorite colors. I just couldn't stomach the $35.00 price tag though. And then, when I finally resolved to bite the bullet and pry open my pocketbook, it was gone.

Someone out there has my snack set.

I'm not bitter though, as I have 1.75 lovely snack sets now. One is complete - service for four on bone white plates with elegant rose filigree. The other is only service for three, but it was such a beautiful clear blue color that I couldn't resist it. I recently used them to serve key lime pie and coffee, and I have to say I think the lovely plates made the pie taste even better. Or maybe that was just me. I'm nuts about things like this.

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