Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spotting New Jadeite

Since jadeite has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, pieces of new manufacture touted as vintage originals have been cropping up on eBay. Without the benefit of an in-person inspection or a lot of knowledge about jadeite, a new buyer can easily be duped into spending a lot of money for a new item, believing it to be a rare vintage piece. Today I came across a website that had some excellent information on reproduction and modern jadeite pieces.

"Sparke Plenty" is a lovely site showcasing all kinds of depression era glassware. Their jadeite "reproduction alert" page features photos and descriptions of jadeite pieces of new manufacture. Their information is good and it even identifies the origin of some of the "fantasy" or reproduction pieces. This is an excellent resource for anyone new to jadeite collecting, and a good read for anyone who has been wondering where all of these crazy jadeite pieces have been coming from.

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