Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hall's Autumn Leaf

I love Halls Autum Leaf dishes. Who doesn't love those cream-colored bowls adorned with the colors of fall and trimmed with gold? I have memories of many a dinner served on the Autumn Leaf plates, drinking from Autumn Leaf teacups, and serving meals from the Autumn Leaf bowls.

Aside from the memories, the Autumn Leaf dishes are appealing because of their versatility. They are the dishes of choice for me in fall, of course. Thanksgiving dinner looks beautiful when served in Autumn Leaf on a table set with an orange table cloth. The bowls are heavy duty, well sized and durable. The covered casserole dishes are handy. And, I admit it, I'm biased - I just love this stuff.

Fortunately for us frugal collectors (that's a nice way of calling myself a cheapskate), the Autumn Leaf dishes generally haven't reached that level of feverish desire that other dishes have. While some of the less common pieces fetch high prices, your standard bowls, plates and cups can be found without putting out a ton of money. In fact, the entirety of my Autumn Leaf collection has come from Goodwill (3 bowl set - $2.99 per bowl; 4 dinner plates - 99 cents each; 4 cups and saucers - 49 cents each) and Craigslist (Two 3 bowl sets, a pitcher, and two covered casseroles for $25.00). (Hmm, perhaps this whole post is a thinly-veiled excuse to brag about my Autumn Leaf finds. I admit it - I lucked out with those deals!).

Autumn Leaf has its own appeal for the more spendy collector as well. Limited edition items, many of which are rather odd (I've seen playing cards and business card holders in the Autumn Leaf pattern) are out there for those who want to lay down the bucks. There is even a National Autumn Leaf Collectors Club, complete with newsletters and yearly conventions. I'll stick with the basics, myself, but when that winning lottery ticket finds its way to me, I'm going to have my whole kitchen done in Autumn Leaf. I'm hooked.

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